A Look at One Stop for Writers

There are times in every writing career where the act of writing is as easy as pulling the teeth of a hibernating grizzly just before spring. It’s at this point that writers usually start questioning their career choice. Wouldn’t it be the bee’s knees if there were something out there that could help during all of this? Wouldn’t it be the cat’s pajamas if there was something that made writing just a little bit easier?

Well, I’ve got your bee’s pajamas right here…


You have several options when you first log in. At the top of the page is a menu where you can start. Each section has a drop down menu where you can decide what you need and click to get there. The Information Desk is exactly that. You’ll find the about page, the FAQ, and the Plans & Pricing page where you can upgrade if you would like. The Connect tab is where you can get help with issues you may have noticed. Another thing here that I absolutely love is the Wish List. Think something is missing that might be extremely useful to other users of One Stop? Let them know. It’s like a suggestion box.

Becca and Angela are already known for their Emotion Thesaurus and Negative and Positive Traits Thesauri. You can also find them on One Stop, along with other useful ones. There’s a tutorial on how you can combine them to really give your story the punch it deserves. The thing that really helps here isn’t just that they have all this information in one place, but the tools you can use in conjunction with them. You can bookmark your favorite or most useful thesaurus entries and it doesn’t matter which thesaurus you use, all the bookmarks will show up in your bookmarks section. You can also take notes on each entry and have access to those in your notes section. You can find those in your account drop-down.

One of my favorite parts of One Stop is the Idea generator. I love going through and creating various characters and flash fiction stories with this tool. It has everything you could possibly need to come up with an interesting story. It’s also useful for if you’re stuck in a particular place in your WIP and need that little extra push to get past it. Just open the drawer that pertains to what you need and you get three prompts. Use them, bookmark them, or discard them as you see fit=)

There are also several templates available for your use: Character-at-a-glance, setting, character basics, physical description, etc. With a few of them, you can fill out and keep the templates on file on the One Stop site. With all of them, you can download the template in PDF or Word format so you can print them and fill them out. You’ll also notice that there are eyes next to each template box. Hover your mouse over them and you’ll get a quick glance at what the template looks like and how it can be used to improve your story.

Overall, One Stop for Writers is useful for any part of the writing process. Even if you don’t use the options of keeping your character templates on-site or use the notes, the resources are a great way to really take your writing to the next level.

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