Finally, I can say it… Ash and Snow is NOW AVAILABLE!

About the Book

Ash fought for her brother, now she has to fight for her life.

When the spell to save her brother worked, she didn’t anticipate the problems that would follow suit. It destroyed her magic and in so doing left her life force to drain away. For months, the Witch Council searched for a way to stop her inevitable death, but nothing has come of it so far. Then Ash has a dream and as soon as she wakes up meets the little girl who starred in it.

Kay Dewitt is sick. She’s also special. She knows things she shouldn’t and guides Ash to find the thing that could save them both. But the Council doesn’t believe and turns Ash’s boyfriend against her.

Ash is on her own again…Only this time two lives are at stake.

Loyalty and friendship are tested in this Snow White retelling.

You can get it in all the usual places…

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