So Close!

The month of November is almost halfway done already. I’ve been working hard on getting Ash and Snow finished with final read throughs and should be able to start formatting within the next couple of days. I’m so excited that I am finally able to get this out to you guys! I’ve been promising it for freaking EVER and finally, by the end of the month, you’ll have it!

I’ve been doing a little bit on my NaNo novel, though I’ve tried to concentrate more on Ash and Snow. I haven’t gotten much in the way of story done, but the little vignettes I’ve come up with that gives info on background and will not show up in the actual book have been fun. World building is one of the funnest things for me to do when drafting/outlining. This one is different than anything I’ve done so far, which makes me even more excited to create the world.

In other news, you may have heard (or not) that I started working recently. This is a huge deal. The health problems I’ve had to deal with over the last few years just kept getting worse and worse, but I finally found something that makes me feel so much better. The exhaustion is gone, the aches and pains are all but a memory, and I’m losing weight. And I got a job OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE! No one is more surprised than I am.

Anyways, I just wanted to keep everyone updated on the goings on of Ash and Snow. I’ll announce the actual publication day soon, and expect it before the end of the month!

For now, how about a sneak peak?

I hope you all have a wonderful November. Let me know how your NaNo is going! Or, if no NaNo, what projects are you working on right now?

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