NaNoWriMo Must-Haves

Writers around the world are getting ready for Sunday when National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) begins. It’s usually a month of ups and downs. We begin the month like this:

And we end the month looking like this:

And, since it’s the last week to finish the prep, I thought I’d share a few helpful things to get you through the month.

  1. A Good Desk Chair – You can never be too thankful for a good chair to sit in while writing your brilliant story. There are plenty of desk chairs out there, but not all of them are going to support your back. After an entire month of writing, writing, writing you’re going to need something that doesn’t cause stiffness after long periods of butt-in-chairing. This1 is my favorite:
    Not only does it have back support, it also has mesh fabric to help keep you cool while your fingers are on fire=)
  2. Or, if you prefer a stand-up desk… – There are plenty of good desks out there, but the trend lately is all about being on your feet while you work. So, if a good stand-up desk is what you prefer, there are plenty to choose from. I really like this one2:If I have to have a stand-up desk, it’s going to be one that I can adjust as needed. Not every day is going to require the same height. Sometimes I wear shoes with different insoles and there are days when I’m taller than others (seriously… It’s weird).
  3. A keyboard that won’t kill your wrists – Typing is a repetitive thing. Repetitive things cause wrist pain. Wrist pain is a *$^&% to work with. Do your wrists a favor and don’t be too hard on them. My favorite keyboard is this one3:There are some really neat ones out there that aren’t QWERTY and are supposed to help with carpel tunnel syndrome. Try one of these Dvorak4 keyboards:Do you notice the difference?
  4. How about something comfortable? – It’s all well and good that you’re trudging along on your novel, but sometimes, it’s hard to do. Especially if you’re uncomfortable in those pants and bra… You know, clothes in general. So, a little bit of comfort goes a long way in taking your mind off the world around you and keeping you centered in your story. Try a robe5: I mean, what about this robe DOESN’T look comfy?
  5. These might come in HANDy! – I know, it’s a terrible pun. But what about some nice, warm fingerless gloves6 to round out the comfy? There are plenty of styles7 to choose from=)
  6. A necessary beverage – It’s getting cold in the US, so of course we’re going to need something to keep us warm while we’re working away. I love hot chocolate8:Of course, there are other ways9 to keep warm too… If you’re old enough that is:

Anyway, I hope you make it through looking less like Penny up there and more like yourself. Some of the things I’ve listed here might help. They might not, but you never know until you try=)

Happy NaNoing=)

  1. Staples Carder Mesh Office Chair.
  2. Maple UpDesk Series III.
  3. Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360.
  4. Matias Dvorak Keyboards.
  5. Fleece Lined Rugby Robe.
  6. Lace Trim Button fingerless gloves.
  7. So many.
  8. Ghirardelli Chocolate Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa Beverage Mix.
  9. You want this.

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