The End is Nigh!

And, of course, when I say The End, I mean “The End” on Ash and Snow. The drafting process has gone quite smoothly but for one small hiccup that really was more annoying than anything.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson when all of my A to Z posts disappeared, but no. Only this time it wasn’t my blog, it was 1000 words of the story. I draft all of my stuff on Scrivener, and I have it set to backup all my work to OneDrive, but something wonky happened. I had finished writing those particular words and closed my laptop. It was scheduled for some updates, but I had opted to manually restart… Or so I thought. I don’t know, I guess the computer had other plans?

I go back to it later and BOOM. As soon as I open the thing, it restarted. I didn’t think much of it at first because… Well, just because. I had no reason to I suppose.

So, the computer finished its restart and upgrade of its software and I clicked back onto chrome and Scrivener. I checked Twitter and Facebook, played some of my SimCity BuildIt game on my phone, and checked my email. Then I went to do a bit more writing.

The string of words that came out of my mouth when I realized those words I had written just a couple hours before were gone is not something I will repeat here. I looked everywhere for those words. I checked my computer, all of my cloud services. Everything I could think of. But they were gone.

Are gone… At least, that particular version of those words.

I’ve rewritten them, and while it isn’t word-for-word what I had originally, it is what’s supposed to go there. The story remains the same.

I think 2015 is turning out to be the year that tests my ability to save everything. And then triple check to make sure it’s actually saving.

On the positive side, only a few short weeks before Ash and the Prince is available! Are you excited? I’m excited. And nervous. And giddy. And, I think, a little in shock. But I’m more excited than anything.

For now, I’m off to write some more and work on various other things required to get these books published. Hope everyone is having a wonderful June!

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