In which I die a little inside

You may have noticed that my A to Z Challenge posts are gone. You may have stopped by at some point on Sunday and wondered what happened because my blog disappeared. You may not have done either of these things. Whatever the case, yes, the posts are gone. No, I did not delete them.

It all started last month when I switched hosts. I had to keep my old host for an extra month because of the process migrating everything over to the new one. They didn’t want my site to disappear at all. So, I kept the old while switching to the new. Once the migration was done, I went to the nameservers and changed them to the new ones.

Or, so I thought.

So, color me surprised when, after taking a bit of a computer break, when I hop on the internet to make sure my Q post is scheduled properly and ready to go only to discover, I couldn’t even reach my dashboard. I contacted both hosting companies because I didn’t know what was happening. At first, both companies worried that my domain had expired, but that couldn’t be right. I even checked and it didn’t. Then they worried about the nameservers, but I had already switched them over. Still, I went and checked that too and there it was. The servers were all pointing to the previous host where my account had been deactivated.

*grumble grumble*

Long story short, I switched them again and they finally took.

Unfortunately, because my A to Z posts were on the previous hosts server and my account is now deactivated, I lost all of them. Every single one. Even a couple of other posts from March.

I did not back them up at all during April. Not a single one. And they’re all gone. I’m going to try to get them back from my previous host, but I am not optimistic about it.

Well, I almost made it to the end…

Needless to say, I am more than a little perturbed. The truth is, I want to wring someone’s neck. Still, the only one to blame is myself because I didn’t double check to make sure everything was as it should be until it was way too late. I’m just glad I was able to figure things out and get my blog back up quickly. I’d worried that it would take a couple of days for the servers to switch over, but it only took a few hours.

So. What now? What do I do since every post is already gone and it looks unlikely I’ll get them back?

I’m taking it as a sign.

I’d postponed finishing and publishing my second Grimm Tidings novella since I knew that the A to Z Challenge would take up a lot of my time this month. I think maybe this is a sign that I should get back to that. I’m going to keep the new publishing date, but I’m going to get back to hitting it hard and finish this novella. I’ve also got all kinds of other things to do to prepare for publication, so this will offer me a few extra days I didn’t have before.

Silver linings and all, I suppose.

Anyway, I’m still going to go through and visit blogs on the challenge. And if, by some chance, I do get those posts back, I’ll post them right away.

Until next time, please check your servers!

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