Taking Care

Last week, for the IWSG post, I put up this infographic for change in 2015. These are all things that I need to practice during the year, and yes “practice” is the right word. There’s always resistance to change. It doesn’t happen overnight.

For the first time this year, I’ve practiced the hardest one of these life resolutions… I decided to take care of myself.

I’ve been in pain for a while now. It’s not localized, it’s all over–and it continues to get worse and worse. I’m tired of living off multiple-times-daily doses of over-the-counter acetaminophen and ibuprofen. It’s not healthy to take those so much as I do. So, I finally called the doctor and made an appointment.

I had to talk myself into it. I even tweeted about it and how difficult it is to take care of yourself. I’m no exception to that, so it took me ten minutes of staring at my phone to finally dial the thing, then it took an enormous amount of will not to hang up before someone got on the line.

A year ago, I wouldn’t have picked up the phone. The last time I made an appointment with my doctor was… Uh… A long time ago. We discussed my migraines but came to no real conclusion. We discussed orthopedists for my cubital tunnel (elbows not wrist) and I said I’d call one for an appointment. I never called an orthopedist. I never returned about my migraines. The only time I went to an urgent care center was when I was having trouble breathing for three days straight. I just couldn’t catch my breath. After some tests and x-rays, they found nothing physically wrong with me. I decided at some point after that other things were more important.

In other words, I decided I wasn’t important. A shame really, but this happens more often than not.

The same with my eye doctor. I’ve put off going for about two years. Finally, I made an appointment. Mainly because I’m on my last set of contacts and my glasses broke, but also because it’s important for me to take care of me.

So, for anyone who is in the same boat–anyone who is avoiding the doctor or therapist–take this step with me. I challenge you to make the call to your doctor and make an appointment.

Right now.

I’ll wait.

Your health shouldn’t.

Did you make your appointment?

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