Weekend in the Random

Do you ever get that need to sit down and write something (other than your WIP), but you don’t really know what to write? Yeah. I’m having one of those days. So, I decided to talk about a few random happenings this weekend.
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Friday, I did something I’ve never been able to do before: I donated ten inches of hair to Locks of Love. I haven’t had my hair cut in about two years, and it came down to about mid-back. It was unruly. I didn’t like it. It was a pain in the butt to style and took too long to dry. So, I decided I needed to get it cut. Years ago, I would go in every few months and get a new style. Some random new cut to try. I’ve had super short hair, the famous “Rachel” style from FRIENDS, and perms (which never turned out well). I use to dye my hair when I saw a color I liked. I’ve had deep red, strawberry blond, just blond, and even purple hair to name a few. So, when I decided to get my hair cut, I didn’t even think about donating. When you donate, you need at least ten inches of hair. The stylist looked at my hair, measured and asked if I wanted to donate. I said I absolutely did. I’d already picked out a style that cut only a few inches off, but when she asked me, I immediately changed my mind. I told her to take as much as she wanted and then to “just play with it.” She took the minimal ten and then cut my hair in a style similar to ones I’ve had in the past, but slightly altered for the hair taken. All-in-all, I like the cut and I feel good about being able to donate to a great cause=)

Of course, there was one downside to getting my hair cut…

Little Man decided he wanted his hair cut too… And that he would do it himself with our clippers. The result upset him, but I’m sure he learned his lesson.

For the first time in EVER, my friends and I were able to get together for a girls night out. We’ve tried for years to do this, but our schedules never really synced well. Finally, we all had one Saturday night with no plans and a movie we HAD to see just came out – The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. We are our own book club. We talk about books, exchange books, tell each other about newly discovered books, and fangirl with each other over our favorites=) We all fell in love with Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series and as soon as we heard there was a movie, we knew we had to see it together.

Let me just tell you right now, the movie critics out there are idiots. Yes, there were a couple of spots that were super cheesy. There were a couple of spots that made me think of Twilight, too. But, for the most part, I really liked the movie. It followed the book fairly well, and aside from a few differences from the book, I was very pleased with the adaption.

And I feel the need to admit something… When I found out who was playing Jace, I wasn’t pleased. I mean, sure, he’s a good actor – I’ve enjoyed him in various movies I’ve seen him in – but I didn’t really see him as Jace when the casting news came out. For those of you out there like me who didn’t agree with the casting decision, just know that you WILL change your mind by the end of the movie. I certainly did. Aside from the fact that he could gain about 25 pounds of bulk, he really WAS Jace to me by the time the credits rolled.

Anyways, I’ve got some things planned for September that I think some – if not all of you – may get excited about. I will need a little bit of help for the planning and details though, so if you’re interested in helping or want to find out more, feel free to email me at [email protected] or get in touch with me through Facebook or Twitter.

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