Thirsty Thursday/Wednesday/Friday… Wait. What day is it?

Super late post and not even the right one… Why? I’ll tell you:

I spent all day thinking it was Wednesday. I was prepping all the links for Thirsty Thursday to post tomorrow. I had a gazillion tabs open to the WriteOnCon site because I planned on highlighting some of the posts and videos.

I made the mistake of leaving my laptop open and going somewhere else in the house. At the same time I found out today is actually Thursday, my son was on my computer closing everything out and deleting everything I’d already typed and linked.

There are two lessons here:

1. Keep a calendar close by and refer to it often.

2. Four-year-olds and computers do not a good combination make.

So, yeah. Basically, just go read everything on WriteOnCon. The blogs, the forums, the live chats, and watch the videos. And next week, we’ll be back with Thirsty Thursday on time and not deleted.

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