Supplies, Clothes, and WIPs

School starts up again soon, so we’ve started gathering supplies. Unfortunately, this puts me in the delicate position of standing in the stationery aisle of Wal-Mart surrounded by notebooks and pens and pencils and highlighters…

This was always my favorite part of getting ready for school. I loved going through and picking my favorite supplies, even if I didn’t think I’d need them. Because you never know, right?

I’ve learned a little bit of restraint since my school days though, so even though I look through EVERYTHING in the aisle, I don’t buy everything I like. I look at the list, consult Princess about what she wants and what she likes and we get what is needed. And maybe one notebook for me too because obviously I need it to outline the next story or take notes from the craft book I’m reading or to make lists.

Princess likes to look through all of that as well, but she gets antsy after a while. I could spend all day there, but she eventually wants to go to the toy section.

Little Man starts preschool this year. His supplies are provided by the school, so there’s no extra shopping for him until next year. At least, for supplies. Clothes are another matter completely. I got him a pair of sandals at the beginning of summer,and he out-grew them so fast, a month later I had to get him another pair. Same goes for a lot of clothes for both the kids. I hate clothes shopping almost as much as I hate my dentist appointments. Especially for Princess.

I don’t know when children’s clothing designers decided that shorts should cover as little as a bikini, but that was a bad decision. She’s 7 for the love of all things. No matter where I go to get her clothes, I have to dig through all the really short shorts to find a decent pair that actually covers her.

In other news, I’m still playing catch-up from my unscheduled computer hiatus. I’ve figured a few things out with The Gifted, including how to change up the first chapter so that it still says what I want it to, but has a better hook. I’ve also gotten a few more things figured out on my other two WIPs. Mainly characters and background. Now I just have to figure out which one I’m going to write first.

Anyways, things have been good here in WRL-ville. Not a lot happening, but I’ll take it=) Hope you guys are having a fabulous week! See you Thursday=)

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