R is for Rampallion and Rosmarine

Rampallion – scoundrel; villain

In one of my favorite movies of all times, it’s the “villains” that are the protagonists. If you can’t figure out what movie I’m talking about just by the definition of rampallion alone, this trailer might help 😉

[jwplayer mediaid=”2859″]

Rosmarine – mythical walrus-like sea animal that feeds on dew

I didn’t come up with much on my search to learn more about this creature. What I did come up with is this:

A sea creature that had a human torso with the hind quarters of a walrus or whale. It had the arms of a human and the large head of a walrus. It had huge ears and skin like a seal. It climbed up on rocks using its teeth to feed on the grass. – Mythical Creatures List

Do you enjoy watching movies about rampallions? Think you’ve ever seen a rosmarine?

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