M is for Macarism, Mendiloquence, and Murdrum


Macarism – taking pleasure in another’s joy

What a beautiful word! What a beautiful thing! This is something I am able to experience every day thanks to my kids. I see them so excited about making fruit pizza or drawing a great picture of Dora and I can’t help but smile along with them. It even extends beyond my kids. I love giving gifts. I love surprising people with things they don’t expect. I’m a sucker for a genuine smile=)

Mendiloquence – artful lying

Done by con artists and writers worldwide!!

Murdrum – killing of a human being in a secret manner

So, murder by a ninja. Sounds legit. (Also, I absolutely did not go “REEEEEEDRUUUUUUM! REEEEEEDRUUUUUUM!!” and freak out my kids when I read this word.)

(Okay. I totally did.)

How is your mendiloquence going? Have any plans for murdrum in your plot? Participate in any macarism lately?

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