Thirsty Thursday Blog Round-up

For the next few weeks, the round-up will be a short list. I’m deep in the ravine that is revision and haven’t had, nor will I have, time to go through my blog roll as much as I usually do. Revising for me is a bit more difficult than drafting 😉 and for that reason, I decided it was about time to cut back and focus on the writing. I’m not abandoning it all together, but there won’t as many links as usual. Still, the ones I put up will be of great value to honing your craft=) Now, on with Thirsty Thursday!!

On Writing

On Publishing & Agents

On Social Media

On Reading

Other Useful Stuff Too


I think I should probably start limiting myself on how many links I can post for the rest of the time I’m going through revisions… Because I got way too caught up in reading blogs and stayed up way too late formatting the links into this post. Not a bit of work got done on my revisions last night and only ONE PAGE got done all of yesterday. Hmm. A limit sounds good. I’ll let you know what I decide next week! Until then, enjoy=)

Oh! And, if you have a post on your blog that you think will help other writers, or you’ve come across a post that I haven’t included and think it belongs on the list, please do share in the comments! I love finding new and awesome blogs to read 🙂

Also, I MAY be having a contest/giveaway soon since I’ll be celebrating A Cake With Thirty-Two Candles On It next week=) You’ll just have to wait and see and come back then to find out 😉

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