The Look What I Missed Twitter Giveaway

I was sitting at the computer, looking through the #PitchWars tweets and the subsequent #askmentor when my phone chirped. I had a new follower! Wahoo! I love new followers! I like talking to people in the privacy of my pajamas without worrying if they’re going to judge the brown flannel shirt draped over my “this is my party shirt” shirt and matched with extremely loose-fitting blue crescent moon and stars bottoms. I can’t talk to people in these clothes anywhere else… Except Facebook. And Google+. And my therapist… But they don’t count right now, because I have over 1000 TWITTER FOLLOWERS!!

The awesomeness doesn’t end there though. Because, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t celebrate this wondrous occasion? And what is the best part of a celebration?



Now, I sent out a call to my followers last night asking what they would like to win. Some suggested sheep and others coffee while others wanted puppies and query critiques. So, I will leave it up to you.


This is for my Twitter followers only! I will choose one at random in ONE WEEK to win whatever it is you guys come up with. And that’s within my budget. Also, I can’t say I’m any good a critiquing queries, so we’ll change that to a three chapter critique.

So, here’s a convenient little poll to help you guys choose what you want for me to giveaway.


I look forward to seeing the results!

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