Thirsty Thursday: Week 2

I should be back in business now with my writing and blogging. And since I’ve been gone for a week, how about we start back up with some useful info for all those writers out there?

What does photography and writing have to do with one another? Javed Jahangir explains it all here.

David Baboulene does a guest blog for India Drummond about Stories that Grip.

Janice Hardy talks about Plot Twists in this blog post.

Laura Pauling talks about Writing Cliches and why it’s important to avoid them.

Terri Guiliano Long explains why setting and atmosphere are important in writing. offers a blog post by Riley Adams talking about moving your story forward.

And Janice Hardy returns with Elizabeth S. Craig giving a guest post on The Middle of Our Books.

Now, since I didn’t get to do it last week, tomorrow I will post the winner of last weeks random drawing for Monday’s list. It should prove to be an interesting challenge, coming up with the points of the list=)

(On a side note, I want to thank everyone for your well wishes for my family. It has been a very hard week, but we are making it through with all the support and love everyone has shown. Thank you again!)

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