Links for Writers

I thought I’d do another list of links for writers today. I’ve only included five as my time is short on writing this. I have a list of many more to be included in later blogs, so keep checking back!

How to use a Semicolon
Here, The Oatmeal has an amusing cartoon on the proper use of the semicolon.

5 Ways To Develop A Unique Voice
We return to Lydia Young’s site, W.I.P It, where she shares what she learned at a writing festival.

Developing Your Unique Voice
Kristing Lamb also talks about voice on her Warrior Writers blog.

Using the Five Senses in Writing Part One – Hearing and Sound
In this post at Magical Words, Faith Hunter talks about how to incorporate hearing and sound into your descriptions. There is also a Part Two (on scent and smell) and Part Three and Four (on taste and touch).

How to Avoid the Trap of Creating Unlikable Characters
Jody Hedlund gives us advice on making characters likable and not going too far attempting to make them real.

Going Deeper With Your Characters
Kelly Lyman talks about ways to make your characters step out of the one-dimensional hole.

I hope the links help you as they have helped me!
Happy Saturday everyone=)

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