Midnight Musings

My new flip-flops!!!
By mystik

Spring has officially arrived!! Or so I hope. I don’t know of any temperature drops in the near future, but the weather is fickle.

Still, I hear birds chirping away in the morning,  my windows are open pretty much all day long, my kids are going to the park, and I see trees starting to bud. It is beautiful! I love spring. It is my favorite season. With every spring comes new hope.

And with this spring comes a new set of sandles.  Last year, at the beginning of spring, I had two pair of sandals.  One was a brown pair of thong sandals, the other was just a plain old pair of black flip flops.  By mid summer my brown ones broke (I’d been wearing them for a couple of years and they saw lots of use… they died an honorable death) and I didn’t replace them. Soon after, my black flip flops broke… ???!!
I had to replace those and quick.  They were my go-to pair of shoes! I wore them as house slippers and I wore them when I left the house as well! If those weren’t on my feet, nothing was on my feet!  I did replace them… And the new pair broke by the end of the summer. (That’s what I get for going cheap and easy!)
Now I am without sandals of any sort, and I am DYING!!! I could say ‘quite literally’, but you wouldn’t believe me. It is bad though. I, for some ungodly reason, have extremely hot feet. They burn!!! (no, I do not have athlete’s foot… they are just really, really, really hot). Add spring and summer temperatures to burning feet and extreme measures are needed. I went shopping recently and found an awesome pair of Nike flip flops that would have worked as my go-to pair for every day wear… But there were none in my size. I don’t have freakishly large feet or anything, it just appears everyone else who liked those particular sandals also wore my size… It’s plain to see a conspiracy against me! (Sorry, listening to Paramore a lot lately.)
So far, every place I have looked for a pair of sandals and flip flops has these horrid things I would never even consider wearing until I am 80 and too senile to know better… Or, if I do find a pair I like, they are WAAAAY outta my price range… Evil Designers!
So, now I am stuck with burning feet that scorch pavement when barefoot and no flip flops to allow for less burning and no scorching.
I must go. My shoe rant is over and Hershey’s Drops won’t eat themselves… Though I’m sure they would if they could. YUUMMMMM!!

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